A true believer, Sylvia is awaiting the Rapture on her porch. Her daughter Holly, with whom she has a troubled relationship, has come over to keep her company while she waits. Sylvia tells Holly how much she is looking forward to Heaven. Holly ridicules Sylvia’s religious fervor as merely the latest in a long string of obsessions. When the moment finally comes, and Sylvia is not bodily assumed into Heaven, she is devastated. Holly reflects on the need to believe, and comforts Sylvia, who begins to consider how to start her life over.

David Wolfson is a composer, music director, arranger, pianist and copyist who lives in New York City. He graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Music in 1985, and in that same year was the first recipient of the newly established Darius Milhaud Award and won the Bascom Little Fund’s Musical Theatre Composition Competition for his short opera Rainwait. After many years attending the school of hard knocks, he transferred to Hunter College, graduating with an MA in music composition in 2013, and is currently a PhD candidate in composition at Rutgers University.

New Fangled Cast

Sylvia – Veronica Sharkey
Holly – Maxwell Porterfield and Laura Booras

Director – David Radamés Toro