Alex in Transition

Alex in Transition is an opera based on the life of a fictional transgender woman named Alex. This character study opera will eventually consist of nine Transitions (scenes), each ranging from between 15 and 40 minutes (or more or less). The 9 Transitions examine important moments in the life of Alex, and the sum of these Transitions outline her journey of denial, discovery, acceptance, surgery, transitioning, and post-op life.

New Fangled Opera is giving the premiere performance of Transition 1:

I. Alex and Psyche – After being rejected by a potential love interest in a rather emotionally dramatic manner, Alex continues her discussion about this situation with her therapist, Psyche.

The music of composer/pianist Anthony Green attempts to balance on the see-saw of cerebral and visceral. With his technique of approaching each piece differently, yet maintaining a unique compositional fingerprint, his works explore vast realms of musical possibility while remaining unified as a whole oeuvre. His over 100 works range from solo pieces and chamber works with standard and unusual instrumentation to digital compositions and large ensemble or large scale works, including an ever-expanding opera and a multi-media performance based on the Book of Job. His works have been performed in a dozen countries throughout the Americas, Europe, and the Middle East by ALEA III (Gunther Schuller, conductor), the Zukovsky String Quartet (for a performance at Symphony Space in New York City), the Playground Ensemble (as the winner of their 3rd annual composition commission), Ossia New Music Ensemble (as the winner of their 2nd International Composition Prize), Grupo Instrumental Siglo XX (A Coruña, Spain), Décadanse (Montreuil, France), Guido Arbonelli (Gaudeamus Winner for Clarinet, performances in Italy and the US), Lukasz Klusek (contrabass) and Art-Oliver Simon (piano, for performances in Berlin, Dresden, and Leipzig, Germany), Ensemble Transmission (for a performance in Nicosia, Cyprus), BLY and Lisbeth Sonne (for performances in Copenhagen and Aarhus, supported by AUT), and Alarm Will Sound, among others. He has held residencies at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center and the Providence String Quartet, and is currently a co-founder and composer-in-residence with a new concert series entitled “Castle of our Skins”, based in Boston, MA. Furthermore, he has performed as a pianist, vocal improviser, and conductor at the Cantor Arts Center in California, Jordan Hall and Symphony Hall in Boston, and other venues across the United States, the Netherlands, Cyprus, and Korea, interpreting solo, chamber, and orchestral works. He has also personally worked with numerous student and semi-professional composers, as well as David Liptak, George Crumb, and Steve Reich for performances or premieres.

New Fangled Cast

Psyche – Melanie Gardner and Natalie Eccleston
Alex – Veronica Sharkey

Director – Kathleen Stakenas