The Mortal Thoughts of Lady Macbeth – by Veronika Krausas

Based on Shakespeareʼs Macbeth, The Mortal Thoughts of Lady Macbeth is a chamber opera that follows Lady Macbethʼs metamorphosis from greed for power through conflicting feelings over the murder of Duncan to further her husbandʼs political position, and ends with her final descent into madness and suicide.

Veronika Krausas instructs composition and theory at the University of Southern California. Her works have been performed all across the globe. She has received commissions from the Penderecki String Quartet, San Francisco Choral Artists and the Alexander String Quartet, ERGO Projects, Continuum Music, Toca Loca, and two commissions for Motion Music (Canada) including a Millennium Project Grant. She has been awarded several grants including an Interdisciplinary Grants from the University of Southern California Arts Initiative and Subito grants from the American Composers Forum. Visit Veronika on the web at

Thomas Pettit, who wrote the libretto, is a playwright and television writer from London, England. He moved to the United States and graduated from Tufts University with a degree in Spanish Literature; he now lives in Los Angeles. He has written numerous plays and screenplays and most recently wrote for the CBS television crime drama Cold Case; one of his episodes was the award-nominated Forever Blue. He is currently completing his first mystery novel, A Madman’s Notes.

New Fangled Cast

Lady Macbeth – Sarah Gardner
Witch 1 – Brindley McWhorter
Witch 2 – Vickie R. Thomas
Witch 3 – Veronica Sharkey

Director – Jenifer Harmon