Quantum Mechanic – by John Bilotta

Written by John Bilotta, with libretto by John McGrew, Quantum Mechanic is a quirky comedic short opera. Mrs. Schroedinger is preparing a dish in her kitchen when suddenly, her quantum QRX-3000 Refrigerator malfunctions, ripping a hole in time and space. As beings start to materialize from other dimensions, she calls for the help of the Quantum Mechanic. The mechanic soon realizes that he cannot fix the problem without destroying the alternate universe, but he must do what he has to do before all universes are lost. After the harowing ordeal, Mrs. Schroedinger’s dish is perfectly prepared and order is restored.

Bilotta is a composer hailing from California. He has received multiple awards for his works including the California Association of Professional Music Teachers, a Digital Media Arts Award from the California Community College Association, and finalist status in the New York City Opera’s One-Act Opera Competition. Quantum Mechanic has won VocalWorks’ Opera-in-a-Month Challenge as well as the AmericanaFestival Award from Boston Metro Opera. Bilotta’s music can be found under the Naxos label. You can visit John online at www.JohnBilotta.com.

The librettist, John McGrew is also a composer and bassist. His other librettos include Trifles, Mozart Where Are You, and A Christmas Tale. He has written several short stories, short screen plays, children’s stories and a novel.

New Fangled Cast

Aesop – Phillip McMullen
Mrs. Schroedinger – Blythe Reed
Quantum Mechanic – Aaron Pouncey
Quark Sister 1 – Shelley Burton
Quark Sister 2 – Laura B. Lowry
Quark Sister 3 – Veronica Sharkey

Director – Josh Shaw