Krispy Kremes and Butter Queens – by Jennifer Jolley

This comedic work was an audience favorite at the Atlanta Opera’s 2012 24-hour Opera Project. Paula Deen is making her infamous “The Lady’s Brunch Burger” (glazed doughnuts, hamburger, fried egg, bacon, and cheese) when she accidentally chokes on a doughnut and dies. In the afterlife, Paula Deen is denied entrance to heaven because of her sinful culinary ways. She pleads to the angels guarding heaven’s door to let her in, tempting them to taste butter, causing them to lose their angel wings.
Urban environments, city sounds, and nostalgia influence Jennifer Jolley’s compositions and sound installations. Her works have been commissioned and performed across the United States and Canada. Upcoming projects include a performance of Speilzeug Straßenbahn by the Baroque Band at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago and The Bubble, a one-act opera (libretto by Kendall A) about the housing bubble. She is co-founder of North American New Opera Workshop in Cincinnati and she teaches composition at Ohio Wesleyan University. Visit Jennifer online at

Vynnie Meli, the librettist, has received many awards for her plays, musicals, and operas. For many of her works, Meli finds inspiration in her daughters, including her play Keats in Curlers (2003) and her musical Plagued, a Love Story (about Cinderella’s surly teenager). She has received awards from the New York Musical Theatre Festival, the Jane Chambers National Playwriting Contest, the MAT (Metropolitan Atlanta Theatre) Award, and Judges Choice from the Atlanta Opera’s 2012 24-hour Opera Project.

New Fangled Cast

Paula Dean – Kourtni Noll
Announcer/Angel – Mark Anthony Thomas
Cohost/Angel – Blythe Reed

Director – Frances Rabalais