An Accidental Affair – by Timothy Brown

In Timothy Brown‘s An Accidental Affair, a demanding mother has high hopes for her eldest daughter. She can imagine no higher honor than if the daughter were to learn to play the bugle for the military. Much to her chagrin, she learns that her daughter wants nothing more than to play the trumpet in a jazz band. The sultry lines and the half-steps of that instrument seem to call to her. When the mother will have none of it, she runs away to join a jazz band, leaving her younger sister with the bugle.

This 10 minute opera was written for the Atlanta Opera’s 2012 24-hour Opera Project. Composer Timothy Brown and librettist Chadwick Hagan collaborated on the piece. Brown, a former student of John Corigliano, has received numerous awards for his work including receiving a Meet the Composer grant in 2009 and an ASCAP PLUS award annually since 2005. Visit Timothy online at

The librettist, Chadwick Hagan, is a graduate of the University of London and Harvard University. He has written librettos for the 24-hour Opera project three times and looks forward to the release of his fiction book Toulouse, Toujours in April 2013.

New Fangled Cast

Mother – Hana Denson
Sister 1 – Christina Paz
Sister 2 – Catherine Devoe

Director – Jenifer Harmon