The Self Portrait of Jonathan Jenkins – by Chris D. Burton

Who is Jonathan Jenkins?The opera opens at an art fair where the young artist Jonathan Jenkins has a work on display that gets noticed by the crowd. The excitement spreads until it reaches the ears of the charismatic reporter, Alita Allegra, and the straight-forward art agent Raymond Richter. Jonathan quickly finds himself committed to a new gallery opening next month.

The gallery owner, Régine laRoux, is a woman who demands the best from her interns and for her gallery. Jonathan meets her and is taken aback when asked to change works that fit the mood of her gallery and patrons. Régine and Raymond have arranged a publicity interview with Alita, who spins her own story from the anecdotes that Jonathan gives. After the interview, Régine mentions that there is one thing left for Jonathan to do.

Saxon Spellmeyer is a ruthless lawyer who gets exactly what her clients want regardless of the cost. Doing what she does best, Saxon tricks Jonathan into signing the rights to his art over to Régine. After reading Alita’s article, Jonathan realizes how he has been manipulated and must decide if he is willing to pay the cost.

Regine LaRoux and her Interns

Chris D. Burton is a composer and conductor. He studied composition at Baylor University under Scott McAllister and at the Florida State University under Ladislav Kubik. Burton’s works have received performances on three continents and have received a number of awards including being a finalist in the ASCAP Morton Gould Young Composers Competition. Visit Chris online at

Premiere Cast

Jonathan Jenkins – Mark Anthony Thomas
Regine LaRoux – Erin Rementer
Raymond Richter – Guy Tem
Alita Allegra – Shelley Burton
Saxon Spellmeyer – Jeanne Swinley

Interns and Patrons:

Hana Denson
Catherine Devoe
Kara Kimmer
Kourtni Noll
James Scott
Veronica Sharkey
Jacqueline Vinson


Frances Rabalais

Cast Photo - 2012