Traix HeidenThe music of Traix Heiden reflects a strong interest in Japanese culture, especially classical Japanese poetry, theatre, and court music. Consequently, Traix’s music often involves expanded musical gestures that manipulate time and timbre. Much of his music is directly or indirectly related to his creative literature output, which includes but is not limited to free verse poetry and fiction prose. Traix’s musical repertoire includes works for small and large instrumental ensembles, choral music and keyboard music. An ongoing project is the composition of a large multi-movement work for wind ensemble and narrator, based on one of Traix’s original stories, a novel in progress, which is part of an umbrella project codenamed “Saralied.” This project seeks to encompass many genres of both music and literature, often intertwined and cross-pollinating. Currently, Traix is completing a music composition degree at Truman State University, where he studies with Dr. Warren Gooch.